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xInsBroker is an online service used on montly basis. It creates own Internet office (a client's portal) of every customer. This Internet portal stores all customer's information and data base and he can used it at anytime and everywhere. This is a customer virtual office access only by the rlevent customer.

xInsBroker service is an innovation for the Bulgarian market. It is an online management of insurance broker's activities anytime and everywhere. The customer choose when and where to use its own data base. The customer can work from every place in the world and every time of the day. All he needs is computer and Internet. 

InsBroker is an online service, providing easy-to-use and technically save environment for management of broker's activities. The service is developed as an integrated platform and all modules in it use common data. The customer integrates all activities in one system. And, have unlimited access to them. 

xInsBroker advantages:

  • management of broker's activities via online IT service  which makes you flexible to dynamic and changing business environment
  • Internet based office to work at anytime and everywhere
  • save and secure data storage
  • work with operating system on your choice – Windows, Linux, MacOS
  • low taxes and money for monthly subscription according to the number of users' SSL-certificates
  • lack of high-paid specialists for system administration and support
  • work without worried about virus attacks, hardware problems, hackers attacks
  • quick and easy access to all agents, offices and activities, work in one centralized information system
  • effective HR management and modern team work
  • lack of system administration and information archiving - Cyramax Ltd. takes care of that
  • automatic and free of charge access to all new versions and developments

xInsBroker radius of action:

Paying monthly tax the customer receives:

  • full data security through SSL-certificate access
  • system administration
  • server support 
  • data base archiving
  • new versions

To become a customer you need to:

  • conclude a contract with Cyramax Ltd.
  • pay the monthly subscription tax according to number of users' certificates
  • have a computer and Internet

... and to believe that he:

  • don't install
  • don't administrate
  • don't update
  • don't archiving
  • don't pay software licences
  • can terminate contract when he wants


Skype: cyramax_support
Phone: +359 2 9617271
Mobile: +359 88 2423677
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