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  • What is xInsBroker?

xInsBroker is an online system for management of insurance brokers' activities. It works through Internet and the broker can manage his business online.

  • What is the target group of xInsBroker?

Every insurance broker.

  • Is it save xInsBroker service?

Yes, absolutely. This is the last generation business information system  uses the newest Internet technologies. Data base security is guarantee by a certified access and user identification, like in bank sector.  Customers' data store on servers at data centers. They don't have direct contact with customers' computers. Access to them is secured by special firewall. Security system is continuously improved. If problem occurs clients' portals are transferred to a stand-by server.

  • Are there any requirements to use xInsBroker?

A computer with Internet access (minimum 28.8 Kbps). All browsers (Mozilla, Internet explorer, Google Chrome, Opera) and operating systems (MS Windows, Linux, MacOS) are suitable for work.  And, of course, mobile phones and PDA devices.

  • Can I use my data base when I became a xInsBroker customer?

Yes. Cyramax experts explore your data base and import and integrate it in your client portal. This is an additional paid service.

  • How to become a customer?

To fill in an order online via xinsbroker.сом, conclude a contract and generate you a client portal. 

  • How to choose correctly the number of SSL-certificates of my users?

The number of SSL-certificates is connected with the number of users, not the number of computers. Also, you can add and delete certificates and users whenever you wnt. You pay just the person days when this certificates were active.

  • What I receive for paid mothly tax?

A client portal with personal SSL-certificate, administrative module for management of users' access and different type access to data base, server support, system administration, archiving every 24 hours, security and all new versions.

  • If I have more offices and branches shall I use the program? Do I pay for every office separately?

The service is most suitable for company with a network of offices. You do not need to pay for every office or branch. You pay only for  users with SSL-certificates and access to the system.

  • Can I terminate the contract and what will be the consequences?

Yes. You send a notification for that and Cyramax stop access to your client portal. Your data base is your property and you can export it  in desired format. 

  • Do I need licences or patents, and extra money for support and company IT specialist?

No. System is on a web-based platform and do not need to install it  on your computer. You do not need licences, patents, servers, additional software, antivirus software, etc.  Do not need updates. Every new version you receive automatically and free of charge.

  • Can I use options and modules developed for my company specially?

Yes. This an additional paid option.

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