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Online system for insurance brokers


Specialized system for management of insurance brokers' activities. It  operates as an online software application on the Bulgarian market for three years.

xInsBroker consists of opearating and inquiry modules which give a complete automation of insurance brokers' operations. Insurance broker can easy and effectively manage his daily work. 

Specialized module Policies includes:

1. Sub-module Register - insurance companies, policy types and policy properties, discounts,  agents, offices and commissions.

2. Sub-module Transfers for receives policies, bills, stickers, green cards and assistance cards from insurance companies and then transfering them to agents and offices.

3. Sub-module Realization - policy realization, register of damages and different policy reports.

4. Sub-module Inquiries - generating different inquiries for policy maturities, expired policies, financial inquiries for amount allocation, bonuses, payments, etc.

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