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of online service xInsBroker


The subject of terms of use

  1. The present terms of use set up the relationships connected with submitting the online service xInsBroker from CYRAMAX Ltd. to its customers.

  2. The service creates own Internet office (a customer's portal) of every client, which become its private area.

The subject of the service

  1. xInsBroker is an online service for insurance brokers management. It works with all Internet browsers, under different operational systems and can be use by every computer with Internet access.

  2. xInsBroker is used on monthly basis. The services is created on an integrated module platform in which all modules use general and connected data. With this type of structure every client creates configuration for its own organisational scheme, unites all activities in one system and has a permanent access to them. 

Installation and access to the service

  1. For using the online service xInsBroker, the client signs a contract.

  2. The contract relations between CYRAMAX Ltd. and the client are arranged by the Contract and the present Terms of use.

  3. Subscription procedure for using xInsBroker is as follows:

    1. Filled in online order via Internet portal;

    2. Activated service and access to the client's portal by receiving an administrator SSL-certificate;

    3. Genetared users' SSL-certificates.

  4. The service has a special module for certificate generating and every client receives its personal security key in its browser.

  5. Verification of every user does on personal user name, password and digital SSL-certificate. Every username and password  correspond to a particular SSL-certificate. 

  6. The secret key is genetared on an accidential basis. The key and password don't save, duplicate or generate again by CYRAMAX  employees. 

  7. The system has special administrative module which automatically calculates  users and number of their genetared and annulled certifiactes for the exact month.

Rights and obligations of the parties

  1. CYRAMAX Ltd. is not responsible for any consequences arisen from wrong, illegal or unqualified use of the online service, as well as for unauthorised access to it. 

  2. CYRAMAX Ltd. is not responsible for any illegal actions from third parties which actions have harmful effect on the client using online service xInsBroker in relation with non-feasance of the Contract and the present General Conditions from the client.

  3. CYRAMAX Ltd. is not responsible for damages and lost profits as result of or in relation with inaccuracy or errors working with the service, technical problems and force majeure circumstances except for the cases of guilty and illegal actions from CYRAMAX Ltd.

Final decrees

  1. Present Terms of use are implicitly inherent and integral part of the Contract and has to be consider as a whole document.

  2. CYRAMAX Ltd. can change the present Terms of use at any time and is obliged to inform its clients for those changes at least 1 (one) month earlier via e-mail, Internet portal of the service xInsBroker or any other means of information. Every use of the service from the client after this notification of Terms of use changes is considered as agreement and acception of these changes from the client. 

  3. For every question undecided with the present Terms of use the valid legislation is applicable. 



for observing rules of information security towards the customers of the online service xInsBroker

The information security is exceptionally important for the function of the online service xInsBroker. Your responsibility as a customer is to preserve your personal resources for identification according to the requirements of the General Conditions for using the online service xInsBroker. 

You have to avoid using the online service xInsBroker from public accessible computers and from those with uncontrollable access.


You don't have to reveal to anybody in any case your username and password for access. They are confidential information which guarantees the certainty of the access of your client's portal. 

You don't record to any material bearer your username and password. 

The risk and responsibility of unpreserving the secret of the issues for an electronic identification is for the customer who uses the online service xInsBroker.

You have to avoid keeping your username and password in the memory of your browser or on the disc of your personal computer. It is good to check if the function "automatic filling" of the browser is activated.

About Internet Explorer:

  • From the menu „Tools” choose „Internet Options” → „Content”.

  • In „Personal Information” choose „Auto Complete” (for Internet Explorer 7 in „AutoComplete” choose „Settings”).

  • Unmark „Usernames and passwords on forms”, if it is checked, and mark „Clear forms” and „Clearpasswords” (for Internet Explorer 7 just unmark „Usernames and passwords on forms”).

  • Confirm with OK.

About Mozilla Firefox:

  • From the menu „Tools” choose „Options” → „Security”.

  • In „Passwords” unmark „Remember passwords for sites”, if it is checked.

  • Confirm with OK.


CYRAMAX Ltd. recommends periodic change of customer's password. Every customer can do that personally from module „Home” → „Personal Settings” → „Change password”.

When you preinstall your personal computer's operation system you have to download again and install your ccertificate. After installation of the certificate you have to delete the file which it is received with.

CYRAMAX Ltd. can block the access to online system to every person, who, with his/her actions, breaks the requirements of the valid normative acts, as well as, the General Conditions for using the online service. 

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