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  • Technical capacity of xInsBroker

Servers of xinsbroker.com are based on multiprocessor Intel platform  on co-llocation at a data center. 

Network connectivity guaranteed high-speed Internet traffic and access.

  • Security of clients' data base

Servers of xinsbroker.com are secured from unauthorised access and attacks by Linux based firewall system.

It ensures network security through following security elements:

1. Digital SSL-certificate

2. Customer monitoring

3. Data archiving

  • xInsBroker Demoportal

On demo.xfirma.com potential customer can introduce himself with the system, its capacities, advantages, options and functionallity.

To work in demo you need the following:

  • Browser - Internet Explorer 6.0 or 7.0 or Mozilla Firefox 1.5
  • Internet access - minimum 28.8 Kbps
Skype: cyramax_support
Phone: +359 2 9617271
Mobile: +359 88 2423677
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